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Mogador has specialized on argan oil production for 10 years. Worldwide sales are made from our office in Germany while our production plant is located right in the heart of the argan forest. Harvesting and processing is done by the Berber women alone

Originality: The pristine, premium organic argan oil of the company Mogador, is produced in the argan forest directly - a UNESCO Biosphere Reservation in southwest Morocco. The authentic oil is cold-pressed naturally and in accordance with the criteria for ecological production.

Consistency: All stages of production are carried out by locally trained Berber women. Trained under the patronage of Mogador Maroc, the AFA and the support of highly qualified professionals, the female members of the association have become familiar with the strict food directives for the production of certified natural products. Thus, quality of the organic argan oil produced on-site in the argan forest is very high while the resulting added value remains among the Berber women. This initiative to reduce poverty and increase the income of the Amazigh population in the argan forest, allows us to offer a high quality argan oil to our customers in Europe and all over the world, both in compliance with international hygiene and quality standards.

In this way, Mogador provides a product which promotes a high quality of life, whether as a delicious food ingredient and essential wellness and Cosmetic product. Even more, this product meets with our concern to improve the ecological and social conditions of the Moroccan Berber living in the argan groves.

Expertise: After years of experience, our founder Mohamed Hassani strived to improve the utilization of argan oil in order to meet the consumers' high demands. This has made Mogador the most sought-after supplier of high quality argan oil in the world today. The manufacturing of our argan oil products is based on the combination of tradition and modern processing. Thus, our customers can enjoy a high-quality and natural organic argan oil with a shelf life of 24 months while at the same time, working conditions of the Berber women are improved and made easier.

Distinction: Mogador's know-how in the production of top-quality natural products as well as the experience of the Berber women in the argan forest spawn the award-winning premium 100 % organic argan oil. International organizations and specialists from the food manufacturing industry as well as star chefs and panels of highly qualified experts of various countries have been strongly impressed by the quality of our argan oil.

2010: 3 Golden stars at the “Great Taste Awards” of “The Guild of Fine Food” in London. Presented by the Guild since 1995, the “Great Taste Awards” have been Great Britain's national reference for particularly sophisticated and exquisite delicatessen. Only foods which are sensory flawless and fulfill the stringent quality criteria of the Guild of Fine Food are given these awards.

2009: “Médaille d'excellence” of the AVPA in Paris (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles), the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products. Mogador's argan oil was awarded by the AVPA jury at the international agricultural trade fair (Salon de l’Agriculture).

2009: Gold medal from “Monde Selection” at the “Selection & Quality Awards” in Brussels. With its label and as the International Institute of Quality Selections, Monde Selection rewards companies for their constant efforts in quality inspection and development.

2008: Gourmet Prize of the AVPA (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles), the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products in Paris.

2008: Superior Taste Award of the “ITQI” (International Taste & Quality Institute) in Brussels. The International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels is the leading independent organization of chefs and sommeliers who are dedicated to evaluating, honoring and promoting excellently tasting foods and drinks.

Mogador's argan oil is made according to strict quality and hygiene requirements. Thanks to its excellent quality, the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, the German Agricultural Society) recognized the two Argavital argan cooking oils as top quality oils at the International Quality Organic Competition 2007 and awarded them with two gold medals.

In 2008, Mogador was a finalist at the Gastro Vision Förderpreis (Gastronomy Vision Award). This award goes to visionaries from gastronomy, the hotel industry and catering who approach the market with something new or exceptional.

Mogador is an active member of the Mohammed VI Foundation for research and preservation of the argan tree. The foundation supports various projects for planting and protecting the argan tree and for research.

Mogador is a sustaining member of the Slow Food e.V., an international association of conscious epicures and responsible consumers who are committed to maintaining and keeping alive the culture of food and drink.

Mogador is a member of the Moroccan “Fair Trade” association. In its commitment, it follows the directives for a Fair Trade partnership with the AFA, the “Association des Femmes d’Argan”.

Mogador is a member of the Bundesverband deutscher Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und Körperpflegemittel e.V. (the Federal Association of German Industry and Trading Companies for Pharmaceuticals, Health Foods, Food Supplements and Body Care Products).

Mogador is on the approved companies list of the Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V. (German Animal Welfare Association). Our cosmetic products comply with the guidelines of the IHTK (Internationaler Herstellerverband gegen Tierversuche in der Kosmetik e.V., the International Manufacturers' Association against Animal Testing in Cosmetics).

Our object in view is to provide you with our best only. To assure this, we combine the plus factors of traditional working methods with the advantages of modern technology in the production of argan oil - a philosophy with social and ecological importance.